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  • Mission Statement

    The mission of the Department Of Public Safety is to serve the people of Massachusetts and those who visit our state through dedicated policing that upholds our statues. It also works to protect our citizens, prevents criminal acts, and provides the highest quality of law enforcement services available anywhere.

  • Department Coc
    Director: Matthew G.
    Co Director: Grace T.

  • Recruitment Status: OPEN

    Reserve Application Status: OPEN

  • San Andreas Civilian Operations | Blue Country Roleplay - Blue Country  Roleplay

    Rank Structure

    Directors Office
    Co Director | Deputy Director

    Advisors Office
    Master Advisor
    Senior Advisor | Advisor

    Civilian Manager

    Civilian Ranks
    Senior Civilian
    Civilian 3
    Civilian 2
    Civilian 1

    Probationary Civilian

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